Release of Information

The Coronado Trail Exploration Program began in September 2004 when anthropologist Dr. Carroll L. Riley introduced historians Dr. Richard Flint and Shirley Flint to exploration geologist Nugent Brasher in Glenwood, New Mexico. This introduction sparked an interest by Nugent in exploring for the Trail in general and for Chichilticale in specific. Nugent organized an exploration team devoted to such a quest.

Exploration continued unabated from the fall of 2004 into April 2008. Dr. Durwood Ball, editor of the New Mexico Historical Review, very kindly agreed to publish the findings of the exploration program through April 2006, and this information was provided to interested readers in the Fall 2007 issue of the Review. was created in the summer of 2007. The purpose of this website is to provide information about the Coronado Trail Exploration Program. Such information will be furnished in concert with the New Mexico Historical Review and the University of New Mexico Press. No new information will be disclosed until the Review or the Press has published the piece related to the new data.